These Frequently Asked Questions will answer regarding most of the queries regarding our company and products. You can contact us if your question is not covered below.

Frequently Asked Questions.

1Who are we?
“ROJ Décor” is the brand name under the parent company “ROJ ExIm Pvt. Ltd.” We are the crafter/manufacturers, exporters of Indian Handcrafted vintage furniture that is world known for its fine make and intricacy. ROJ Décor is a well-renowned brand from INDIA (BHARAT) which is recognised in the international market for its Quality Products. We are the crafter/manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Indian handcrafted furniture like Hand Carved Furniture, Vintage Industrial style Furniture, Aviation Series Furniture, Reclaimed Wood Furniture, Leather & Canvas Couch, Bone Inlay and Mother of pearl furniture, Brass Inlaid Handcrafted Wooden Furniture & Other Handicraft Products.
2What all do we deal in?
We deal in all kinds of Vintage Industrial style Furniture, Hand Carved Furniture, Inlaid Series furniture Garden Furniture, Home Furniture & Commercial Furniture… just name it! Under one roof ROJ Décor, we craft/manufacture all kinds of Aviation Series Furniture, Brass Inlaid Furniture, Bone Inlay, MOP Furniture, Handcrafted Carved Furniture, Leather Chair, Sofas & Furniture, Reclaimed/Recycled Wood Furniture, Vintage Industrial style Furniture, Wooden Furniture, and other Handicraft decorative.
3What are our strengths as a Vintage Industrial Style & Vintage Hand Carved Furniture Crafter/manufacturer? Or Why should we choose ROJ Décor over other companies?
When we talk about export/import, Superior quality provided with competitive prices is what make the difference. At ROJ Décor, we make the strongest effort to craft superior quality products and make them available at the best possible price in the industry. We believe in making long term business associations and hence deliver the best products & services to our buyers. The innovative Vintage Industrial Style & Vintage Hand Carved Furniture Crafter / Manufacturing Company who have some outstanding designers & extremely skilled artisans. We believe that quality, time, performance & trust are of utmost consideration. Team ROJ Décor is making efforts to translate vision into reality.
4Where can we export?
We do export worldwide; we had delivered our products to European countries, Australia, Canada, USA, Argentina, Russia, Middle East & still exploring the globe.
5Where are we located?
Our products are originated from two distinct hubs Rajasthan majorly from Jodhpur (Vintage Industrial Furniture Hub) and Uttar Pradesh majorly from Saharanpur (Hand Carved Furniture Hub); both are the world-famous hub for their Art, Culture, Heritage, and Craftsmanship. If you intend to visit us, please call/WhatsApp at +911262796065 or email us at [email protected] to make an appointment with us. Our head office is located in Haryana and we have crafting/manufacturing units in the wood carving hub Saharanpur and the Vintage industrial furniture Hub Jodhpur. Our Warehouse & dispatch unit is located in Jodhpur Rajasthan.
6Do you have a showroom?
Yes. Although not open to the public, you may visit us by appointment only. If you are in Jodhpur or Saharanpur or intend to visit, please contact us so we can arrange to show you our warehouse, factories and showrooms.
7Do we have a catalogue?
Yes, we have various catalogues for each category in Pdf format. Our catalogues get updated from time to time with the addition of the latest and trending products. Our Catalogues provides info like Product pictures, description, size, MOQ and the best FOB Price for our superior quality products.
8What if I am interested in a product that I do not see on the site?
If you are interested in a product that you cannot find at https://www.rojdecor.com, please send us an email at [email protected] or WhatsApp at +91 1262 796065. We will be in touch with you within one business day.
9When do you bring out new lines?
Our in-house design team is continuously studying trends, directions and demographics. Based on their research, customer’s feedback and forecasts new products are constantly being introduced and added to our established lines and products.
10Do you offer swatches?
We offer Iron / Wooden / Fabric swatches for our furniture pieces. You can contact us either through E-mail/WhatsApp, or Call to receive the swatches considering the order or sample reference.
11Do we offer samples?
Yes. We do provide samples of our products to our esteem clients. However, it is our policy to charge for samples and shipping of these items. Alternatively, you may provide an International courier account number for the purpose of sending samples (Shipping via your requested method.) If you request and receive samples and subsequently place an order in excess of $12,000 or at least a container load order of the same products, we will credit that order to the value of the samples (Product only) In effect, at that time the samples are Free of Charge.
12Do you accept custom design orders?
Yes, we do accept custom designed orders. We will be delighted if you are interested in placing an order for your custom product requirement. Kindly send us the product pictures and dimensions, other specific details and we will let you know the prices and lead time accordingly.
13Can I customise products I see on your website?
ROJ Décor Products can be customised for large batch orders. A few products can be customised for smaller orders but may attract an additional cost. To get started, Kindly contact us with your requirements and your contact details one of our team members will get back to you really soon.
14What % of the furniture is handmade/handcrafted?
About 75% of each product is handmade/handcrafted. But this could differ for each individual design.
15How many pieces per design do you stock?
This would vary as per Individual design. For the latest design on ready stock availability, please contact us at [email protected]
16What is your minimum order quantity requirement for specific bulk orders?
The minimum amount for make to order as per the buyer's specifications must be a minimum 20’ or a 40’HQ container. The minimum order quantity required per design varies from product to product. A handling fee may also be applicable if the buyer cannot meet the minimum quantity per design & order is LCL then we charge USD $300/- to USD $900/- extra for forwarding.
17Do we have quality controllers?
At ROJ Decor we make all efforts to ensure that our products are of the best quality & meet international standards. We do three-layer Quality inspections for every batch; every product goes through the various phase of inspection and under the keen eyes of quality measures before packing and shipping.
18Are the employees in your factory paid fair wages?
Yes. Also, child labour is strictly prohibited.
19What’s the lead-time to make and deliver specific orders? / How long does it take the product to be delivered? / How long does it take for the order?
Depending upon the order quantity, the 20’, 40’ or 40’HQ container load of the order needs 30-60 days for manufacturing, packing, loading and shipping on board the finished after confirmation of order. Crafting/Manufacturing: Lead time is normally up to 30-60days. Delivery: Sea in Transit time is an additional 14-45 Days. Production and delivery time may vary with individual orders, quantity & destination.
20Do you offer a discount on bulk purchases?
Yes, we do offer special prices on bulk purchases.
21What are your payment terms & conditions?
All purchases are 50% advance, 50% when products are packed & ready to ship, in some cases against Bill of Landing & LC at sight.
22When is the order confirmed?
Orders are confirmed as soon as the 50% advance of the total value of the order is received via T.T basis, Bank Transfer, DP basis or else if we confirm L/C at our bank if on L/C basis (only irrevocable).
23What is your standard packaging?
Our Standard packaging is started by wrapping the product with foam wrap followed by corrugated wrap/sheet/box roll followed by air bubble wrap/sheets and the final layer is done with stretch film/Wrap for most of the products we manufacture. # 4 Layers of packing is used starting with the foam wrap, followed by bubble wrap, corrugated sheets wrap/box, & finally sealed with Stretch film. For smaller or handy products, we use foam wrap and corrugated boxes and seal them with stretch film/wrap. We can also do the packing as per the specification of our clients. In such cases, any additional costs such as special corrugated corners, cartons etc. are borne by the buyers.
24What will be the Shipping Cost?
It totally depends on the final destination and size of the order and Container, The quoted FOB price includes all the expenses from manufacturing to Container on board. On request, we will provide you with a definitive shipping quote for your destination from our shipping/forwarder tie-ups.
25How will I know when my order is ready or shipped?
We will update you about the production with pictures and videos. We will inform you / your company via an E-mail/WhatsApp-B message or a call with the required information.
26How & when you will pay the balance if on T.T / Bank transfer Basis?
1. When production is completed and the process for container stuffing begin. 2. We will WhatsApp-B / e-mail the copy of the shipping documents of the container, then you must pay the balance amount by T.T / Bank transfer. Once we receive the balance we will send you the original shipping documents.
27How & when do you pay the balance if on D.P. Basis?
Once the container is stuffed and we submit shipping documents at our bank for collection of Balance Payments, our bank presents the documents to your bank, and then you must pay the Balance Amount to your bank.
28Will the batch of every individual finished product be identical?
Our products are crafted and finished by the hands of our skilled artisans. Every unit will have a consistent appearance. Sometimes a little variance in Woodgrain, texture and tones will vary from unit to unit due to the nature of the material and its hand-finished processing. The look will be as close and presentable as in the images. The look will be similar, without being identical, which gives it that "one-of-a-kind" distinction as well.
29What is considered natural distress?
Natural cracks within the wood, knots, indentations and other superficial imperfections, all constitute natural distress. Our furniture is handcrafted there are elements of that process of construction (such as filled nail holes etc.) that are visible, upon close inspection. That blends in with the look of our furniture and adds to the rustic elegance and handicraft charm.
30What is the commonly used timber in your furniture?
Commonly used timber for our furniture is Mango, Sheesham (popularly known as Indian Rosewood), Acacia, Teak & Recycled/Reclaimed wood. Only seasoned wood is used for the products irrespective of wood type.
31Is your timber recycled and/or legally procured?
Yes, we are using legally sourced timber and recycled timber for our products & also use other types of wood.
32Is your furniture Vintage OR Vintage reproduction?
We mainly use various Vintage raw materials & Vintage crafting techniques such as Cast Iron, White, Yellow Brass, Copper and Galvanised metal sheets, Canvas, Leather, Recycled Canvas, Recycled Iron, Wood and Recycled Clothes.
33Is the furniture water-resistant?
Generally, no used timber is water-resistance. However, a few items can be used in an outdoor covered area.
34Can your furniture be used outdoors?
Not unless specific in its description.
35What are the basic care instructions for the furniture?
Galvanised Steel, Iron/ Cast Iron: Mild stains can be removed by using common household cleansers having ammonia. Rinse thoroughly the galvanized product with soft water and dry completely. Wood: Do not allow wood pieces to soak in water. Leather: Clean with a slightly damp rag. Moist it with Luke warm water and leather cleaners. Apply a Leather softener or wax that helps to retain its texture and softness. Dusting & cleaning: Products require timely dusting to stay elegant. Be gentle with your products while dusting & cleaning use ultra-mild cleansers & soft clothes.
36Is the metal treated for corrosion and rust?
Yes, the metal used in our furniture is treated for the prevention of corrosion and rust. However, due to natural wear & tear, there is no guarantee of rust or corrosion.
37Can colour/polish/finish for made to order products have variations as per our specifications?
Yes, we may need a minimum quantity order to meet this request.
38Is your furniture DIY (do-it-yourself) or is it already assembled?
The majority of our products are pre-assembled. However, few furniture designs/collections may require assembly at site.
39What is the warranty on your furniture?
ROJ Décor (A Brand name of ROJ Inc. & ROJ Exim Pvt. Ltd.) takes enormous pride in crafting eminent quality and durable furniture Due to the nature of timber used in all our products, there is no guarantee on any used /aged/recycled timber. Metal frameworks carry a 1-year structural warranty. Expansion and Contraction are normal characteristics of any timber and this would vary on external factors such as weather and humidity. Colour variations / visual defects: All our products are handcrafted. Any irregularities are not classified as defects but add uniqueness to the products. Almost all our products are made to look rustic, vintage or antique. Corrosion and rust: Prevention against corrosion and rust will depend on individual usage, storage and care. Rust, timber split, cracks, fading of stain/ polish/ colour and surface texture as well as any other wear and tear is a natural characteristic of industrial furniture, and under no circumstances will any of the above-mentioned elements be treated or accepted as a defect in material or workmanship.
40Any other questions we haven’t answered?
For queries we haven’t answered or are not covered in FAQ, Kindly contact us via email/WhatsApp-B or Call. We take enormous joy to welcome your precious inquiries, comments and suggestions. Thank you for considering ROJ Décor for your requirements.

Any other questions we haven’t answered?

For queries we haven’t answered or not covered in FAQ , Kindly contact us via email or Phone. We take enormous joy to welcome your precious queries, comments and suggestions.

Thank you for considering ROJ Décor for your requirements.